Viora V-IPL Handpiece Now Available With Two Spot Sizes for In-Demand Facial and Body IPL Treatments

With New 2.4cm2 Spot Size, Practitioners Can Easily Access Viora's Proprietary PCR™ Technology to Achieve Superior Results

Viora, a leading medical aesthetics solution provider, has expanded the capabilities of the V-IPL handpiece by releasing the small spot size (2.4cm2) for facial treatments and other body areas. This new addition now allows practitioners to easily and conveniently treat hard-to-reach locations, simply by snapping it onto their existing V-IPL handpiece, as opposed to switching to a completely different applicator. The V-IPL handpiece is compatible with the V20 and V30, Viora’s multi-technology platforms.

Powered by Viora’s PulseConfiguRhythm™ (PCR™) technology, the V-IPL handpiece treats the most popular aesthetic treatments include hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular lesions and acne clearance. Viora’s advanced IPL technology ensures that with just one handpiece, two spot sizes and five interchangeable filters (570nm for hair removal, 630nm for dark skin hair removal, 580nm for skin rejuvenation, 530nm for vascular and pigmented lesions, and 415nm for acne clearance), every skin type, body part and condition can be treated.

For me, Viora's V-IPL handpiece has achieved the best clearance of sun damage and the quickest healing I've seen in more than 15 years of using IPL

Dr. Steven Shapiro, Medical Director, Gardens Dermatology in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

PCR™ is being praised by physicians around the globe as a significant breakthrough in IPL technology. This technology provides practitioners unprecedented control and versatility by generating various pulse configurations as well as providing adjustable pulse duration. This customization of the pulse configuration, lets treatments be tailored specific to each patient’s skin type and skin condition, per their specific needs.

“With PCR™ technology I can change the filter and/or adjust the parameters to quickly and easily optimize treatment settings. This allows us to treat multiple indications successfully with the same high goals for safety and efficacy,” said Dr. Steven Shapiro, Medical Director, Gardens Dermatology in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. “For me, Viora’s V-IPL handpiece has achieved the best clearance of sun damage and the quickest healing I’ve seen in more than 15 years of using IPL.”

“In developing the V-IPL handpiece, Viora looked at all the elements that would create an improved experience for both the practitioner and the patient, to ensure that they were receiving the best in terms of usage, performance, safety and results,” said Eliran Almog, CEO, Viora Ltd. “The inclusion of the small spot for the V-IPL extends the practicality and convenience of this handpiece, making it a necessary purchase for any aesthetic clinic.”

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